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Sanku Fortification

Sanku are a company focused on the fortification of grain flours such as wheat and maize using small-scale technology that has the means to close a gap for non-urban communities who mill their own grains or otherwise have no access to industrially milled flours.  They have developed equipment for nutrient dosing in these small to medium-scale milling applications using a feeder or dosifier to feed pre-set amounts of micronutrients as the grain is milled.  These units are simple to use, can be installed within minutes, are relatively affordable and work with standard community-type grain mills producing up to 1000Kg per hour.

GAIN are working with Sanku Fortification on a trial programme to establish confidence limits for these dosifier machines.  This type of work requires numerous samples to be taken at intervals during the milling process and then tested for tracer components such as one of the added minerals or vitamins. Results are expected to fall within predetermined tolerances so that assurance can be gained on the uniformity and accuracy of micronutrient dosing.  Preliminary results are very positive and the programme is being extended across the range of standard operating conditions.  GAIN recommends the use of these dosifiers for small-scale and medium scale applications.

Further information about Sanku can be found on their website http://sanku.com/