Key Results

Key Results

The GPF is in its tirtheenth year of operation and has made significant progress against its objectives:

  • The GPF model is now well established and has been proven to deliver the benefits of centralised procurement to its customers.

  • The GPF has already had a significant impact, sourcing around USD86 million worth in fortificants and premix blends since 2009, across 55 countries. (Click here to view map)

  • The GPF has a pool of 45 suppliers across 62 approved production sites

It is estimated that the food fortified by the premix supplied by the GPF every year will be eaten by over 120 million people, who will benefit from certified quality premix at an affordable cost.

Access and affordability to food to feed your family is the right of every human being. Being able to access affordable nutritious food from certified quality sources is priceless.