The GPF sourced approximately USD 86 million in premix orders since 2009, for customers across 55 countries in Africa, Central and Southern Asia. It is estimated that this premix will fortify food for approximately 120 million consumers every year in developing countries. The GPF is aiming to achieve further growth in 2022, as we continue to expand and improve access to affordable, quality certified premix.

The objective of the GAIN premix facility is to support large scale food fortification projects and food producers by making premix procurement easier. Premix can be a difficult commodity to source – customers in developing countries often find it difficult to get reliable deliveries of good quality premix at an affordable price.

The GAIN premix facility aims to deliver benefits to its customers in three ways:

  1. High Quality Premix – Giving customers access to a reliable, consistent source of high quality premix which meets the nutritional objectives of food fortification projects.
  2. Competitive Costs – Providing a competitive mechanism to reduce premix costs by leveraging premix volume across GAIN’s programs and utilising a competitive bidding process to supply orders.
  3. Assisted Financing – Offering credit solutions to customers which help them to access the GPF service.

The GPF is structured around three offerings, each of which aims to resolve the existing challenges associated with premix procurement.

  1. The Certification Facility, managed by our Certification Agent Intertek, prequalifies suppliers based on stringent quality criteria, as well as monitoring ongoing quality of supply.
  2. The Procurement Facility, managed by the GAIN premix facility, pools demand across projects to establish leverage on suppliers who are engaged in a competitive bidding process for orders.
  3. The Revolving Fund Facility extends credit payment terms to GPF customers who need support in meeting the upfront cost of making premix purchases.

The GPF service is available to GAIN's own nutrition projects and also to any other organization or private sector food producer who is providing nutritious fortified food products to people vulnerable to malnutrition.