Become a customer

Become a customer

Premix procurement can be a challenging activity for customers in the developing world. The GAIN premix facility (GPF) offers an innovative way of accessing high quality premix from leading suppliers at a competitive cost.

If you are interested in becoming a customer of the GPF, or getting some more information on how we can help you, please complete an enquiry form on this link:

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Alternately enquiries may be sent to the following email mailbox:

Once we receive your enquiry, one of our team members will quickly be in touch to further discuss your premix needs and how the GPF can support you.

We have also put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to help answer some common enquiries:​​​​​.

The GAIN Premix Facility (GPF) can be used to source all kinds of dry and wet premix blends for the purposes of food fortification with a variety of vitamin and mineral elements. Most of GAIN’s projects have their own customized premix blend which targets the specific nutritional requirements in a particular country. The GPF offers customers technical services to assist in premix formulation and product development questions related to fortification. 

To discuss your premix blend requirements and understand whether we can help you to source your own specific blend, please feel free to contact us at:

Premix orders are paid for via an electronic bank transfer of funds to GAIN. Customers may request credit approval to pay for their order, utilizing the GAIN Revolving Fund. This will not be automatically granted and is subject to GAIN approval.

Shipping terms can be customized depending on the needs of each customer. Most commonly, premix is shipped on CIF or CIP terms (to be determined by how the goods are to be dispatched i.e. air or by sea), however other options are available if direct delivery is required to a customer's warehouse. 

Quotations will be requested with a breakdown of transport and insurance to enable comparison and effective decisions to be made on the best shipping terms. 

Orders are generally available and ready for shipment after 3-5 weeks from an order being placed; transport time will depend upon the location of customer and supplier, and the selected mode of transport. 

Yes - we source a number of straight minerals such as Potassium Iodate, Di Calcium Phosphate and Potassium Chloride which are added to food in bulk rather than as a blended premix for some applications.

Insurance is included in the price of the goods and is generally arranged and included in the cost of premix by the premix blender depending on the agreed shipping terms of trade.

In the event that any goods are received in damaged condition, the customer should immediately notify GAIN who will work with the supplier to arrange insurance claim. It would be helpful if the customer can provide digital photos of the damaged product in the event of a damaged shipment being received and delivery documentation showing that the damages were identified upon receipt of the goods, so that the nature and extent of the damage can be clearly understood.

GAIN will work with the supplier and customer to facilitate processing of the insurance claim as quickly as possible.

Once you request a quotation, GAIN will seek competitive quotations from a group of approved premix blenders. The most competitive bid that meets your delivery requirements will be presented back in the form of a quotation for your approval.

Agreement to the price and quoted delivery terms is required before a firm order is placed upon the premix blender.

Queries relating to order status, quotations and payment status, customer accounts, Revolving Fund credit applications and general premix enquiries for new customers should be sent to GAIN at

Changes should be communicated to GAIN by emailing

Note, once an order quotation has been accepted by a customer, and the confirmed order placed with a premix blender, there may be limited flexibility to change the quantity of the premix order. It is important therefore that customers check and are happy with all details prior to accepting a quotation.

If the customer decides to cancel its order after confirming it, the customer will be held liable for any cost incurred during the process.

Please check our terms and conditions for the sale of goods.

As part of the initial setup of your account, GAIN will work with you to establish an agreed specification of your premix requirement, including any specific packaging requirements.

In addition, for each order, customers may choose to specify any particular shipping marks or labels required to facilitate the shipping, customs clearance or delivery process.

Through a publically advertised selection process, GAIN selected a group of blenders based on a stringent, multi-stage selection process which considered technical capabilities, adherence to good manufacturing practices and cost competitiveness.

A list of the GAIN approved blenders and manufacturers is provided here. Once we receive your order, we will request quotes from the approved blenders to supply the order and will present the most competitive quotation for your quotation.

As such, the name of the manufacturer and country of origin will be documented as part of the quotation however will always come from a GAIN approved supplier. Due to the fact that this procurement process is through competitive tender, it is not possible to specify the premix manufacturer or country of origin.