The GAIN premix facility (GPF) uses a professional, competitive and transparent approach to sourcing vitamin and mineral premix.

A stringent, multi-stage supplier selection process is utilised to ensure competitive pricing and to prequalify suppliers in terms of quality control and adherence to good manufacturing practice. The key stages of the selection process are:

Expression of Interest (EOI) stage - EOIs are invited from potential suppliers, including direct invitation to major global and regional players, as well as from public advertising of the EOI in major industry publications and on the GAIN website.

EOIs are assessed based on the supplier’s manufacturing capability and their ability to demonstrate adherence to good manufacturing practices.

Inspection stage - This is an assessment which includes inspection of third party audit documentation, as well as the execution of on-site audits to physically validate operational practices.

Ongoing Supply Agreement – The GPF has implemented long term agreements with a group of approved suppliers which sets in place the standard terms and conditions for premix deliveries.

To establish a premix order, customers send a request for a quotation through the GAIN premix facility website (, specifying what type of premix they need, the quantity, the delivery address and the requested delivery date.

Through a ‘mini-tender’ process facilitated by the GPF, blenders bid on a competitive basis to supply the order. Through this process, suppliers are incentivised to deliver good service at a lower cost in order to win more orders.

FAQ on the GPF


The GAIN premix facility (GPF) is an initiative launched by GAIN to facilitate the reliable supply of affordable, quality certified vitamin and mineral premix. GAIN’s objective in operating this facility is to promote the use of good quality vitamins and minerals, so that fortified products deliver the intended nutritional benefit to consumers vulnerable to malnutrition. At the same time, given that GAIN often provides financial support to these projects, the competitive procurement process of the GPF ensures that the premix is procured efficiently from a cost perspective to deliver value for money.

GAIN’s role is to facilitate an effective supply process for premix, providing an alternative method of procurement. GAIN runs the procurement process and acts as the contracting party with suppliers and customers. GAIN has engaged a specialist Certification Agent, Intertek, to provide analytical and certification services to maintain quality through the supply chain.

Every order is subject to a competitive tender process which is open to bidding by a group of blenders and producers of straight minerals who have been prequalified in terms of their manufacturing standards. Suppliers are selected through an open, transparent process which is open to any supplier around the world. The GPF treats all premix suppliers fairly and without bias. Where a customer or project has a strong preference for a local in-country source of premix supply, GAIN can work together with the customer to compare the best bids received from both local and global sources, so that the right decision is made for the project.

The GPF service is open to any organization or company producing nutritious food products for people vulnerable to malnutrition.  In addition to GAIN supported projects, the GPF has already supplied premix to private sector food producers in developing countries, UNICEF, international NGOs, fortified food producers of the World Food Programme and other non-government aid organisations.