The GAIN premix facility (GPF) is open to public and private organizations involved in food fortification activities around the world. The GPF is the easy way to source premix from leading global and regional suppliers.

It offers three key benefits for premix customers: High Quality, Competitive Cost and Assisted Financing.

The GPF delivers High Quality

  • Suppliers are approved based on a stringent, multi-stage selection process, including manufacturing capability assessments, 3rd party quality audits and testing of production samples.
  • Only approved suppliers are allowed to participate in tenders to supply GPF orders.
  • Premix orders are tested for quality conformance by our third party Certification Agent, Intertek, prior to being delivered.

The GPF drives Cost Competitiveness

  • Each order is procured through a competitive bidding process by GAIN, to always get the best price possible.
  • Consolidating orders for the same types of premix accross countries and partners leverages the pooled GPF demand volume to drive costs down for all partners.

The GPF helps with Assisted Financing support

  • Extended credit terms are available for approved customers where such terms will help to make premix supply more affordable and sustainable.

These benefits are delivered through a Simple and Effective process

  • The GAIN premix facility is run by an experienced team of procurement and certification professionals.
  • The GPF offers customers technical services to assist in premix formulation and product development questions related to fortification.