Become a supplier

Become a supplier

To ensure the ongoing competitiveness of the GAIN premix facility (GPF), we run an uninterrupted review of our approved supplier base. The GPF’s certification approach is in line with quality standards adopted by internationally recognized institutions, including the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

Some of the manufacturing schemes recognized by the GFSI and applicable to the supply of premix to GAIN customers are BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, FSSC 22000 (Food Safety System Certification) and IFS Food Standard.

In addition, the GPF’s certification approach is aligned with Good Manufacturing Process (GMP). This provides a model to base a documented quality system and describes the practical activities and controls which must be in place to produce supplies which comply with their specification.

By following those standards, the GPF ensures food safety and consumer protection as well as premix quality.

The selection window will consist of a multi-stage selection process:

  • Expression of Interest (EOI) – A public advertisement of the expression of interest will be conducted to capture interest from potential suppliers via the GAIN website. The focus of the expression of interest qualifies suppliers in terms of their production capability, quality controls and adherence to good manufacturing practices where they are asked to provide details and evidence relating to current practices and quality standards.
  • On-site audit - The next phase of the certification process will include an on-site audit by the GPF certification agent. Premix suppliers are evaluated and any deviations requiring corrective actions are considered and recommendations are made. By considering the overall audit result as well as the number of deviations ranked between critical, major or minor, the supplier may be either approved or rejected. Approval may be conditional and requiring completion of corrective action within a specific timescale.
  • Long Term Agreements and Tenders – Suppliers who successfully pass through the RFP stage will enter into long term agreements with GAIN. As orders are placed, GAIN will run a competitive tender process within the approved supplier pool to supply the order.

More information on how the GAIN premix facility (GPF) works can be found here.

We have also put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to help answer some common enquiries:

The supplier selection process will start in the form of an Expression of Interest and potentially followed by an on-site audit. Successful suppliers will be required to enter into long term agreements with GAIN to supply premix and / or vitamin and mineral premix to the GPF.

Feel free to send an email to if you wish to enter the process.

All suppliers are asked to meet minimum standards for food safety management and it is therefore necessary that one of the following schemes are followed and a current certificate is held. For suppliers of single vitamins and premix blends including micronutrient powder sachets, the qualifying certification schemes are IFS, BRC and FSSC22000. Pharma GMP may also be considered.

For single minerals, any of the above including ISO22000 certification will be required. All potential suppliers will be asked to provide a copy of their certificate when applying to become an approved GAIN premix supplier and they will be asked to provide all renewals.

During on-site inspections by the GAIN certification agent, the reports relating to third party certifications may be reviewed.

Our customers commonly require dry premixes for food staples such as fortified wheat flour and maize meal, as well as products for infant and young child nutrition such as fortified porridges and micronutrients used for Super Cereal fortification. Liquid applications such as fortified vegetable oil and condiments also feature in our programs.

Finally, we source a number of straight minerals such as Potassium Iodate, Di Calcium Phosphate and Potassium Chloride which are used directly for some applications.

Once a customer requests a quotation through the GAIN premix facility, GAIN organizes a tender amongst the selected blenders and manufacturers, and the best quote is selected.

The quotation is presented to the customer for approval and upon acceptance, a firm order placed with the successful supplier.

Approved suppliers are free to manage their own supplier base but are expected to have a robust system in place for managing this process.

This will be verified during the on-site assessment and forms part of the scope of the certified food safety standards to which all GAIN premix suppliers are asked to meet.

The GPF certification agent, Intertek, manages Quality assurance (supplier approval) and Quality control (each order is following a strict quality control process where micronutrients composition and microbiological status is analytically verified in parallel to the positive release of the premix supplier) whereby each order sourced through the GPF is analyzed for conformity against specifications in addition to the supplier’s own certificate of analysis. Each premix order is covered by a specification where packaging type, shelf life duration, type of ingredient and their respective target into the finished product with acceptable range for positive release are specified.

The performance of all approved suppliers is assessed on an annual basis to monitor quality of premix sourced and ensure a continuous improvement of supplies. Evaluation criteria include quality control compliance, commitment to on-time delivery of premix and number of tenders attended and won. Suppliers may be "de-listed" if performance is considered by GPF as potentially impacting a fortification program.

Vitamin and mineral manufacturers will supply micronutrients to GPF approved blenders. These manufacturers will invoice blenders directly and will be paid directly by the blender, not by GAIN. Premix blenders will invoice GAIN for the supply of premix and will be paid directly by GAIN. Customers will in turn pay GAIN for premix orders procured through the GPF. Please check our terms and conditions for the purchase of goods.

 What shipping terms of trade (INCOTERMS) are used? The default shipping terms will be CIF or CIP depending on how the goods are dispatched and the customer requirements. Where a blender is not able to organize freight, alternative shipping terms may be negotiated on an order by order basis. Customers may also request other terms, e.g. DAP, DDP on occasion.

All premix orders must be accompanied by a complying Certificate of Analysis. In addition, all premix production will be sampled and analysed to ensure compliance by the GPF Certification Agent, Intertek. Quality performance of suppliers will be measured on an ongoing basis.

Repeated quality issues may cause blenders to be excluded from the GAIN premix facility on the grounds of low performance.

Packaging requirements will be captured in the premix blend specification as agreed between GAIN and each customer. However specifically for vitamin and mineral premixes, the GPF advocates for multi-laminar aluminium polyethylene foil bag as a guarantee of stability over the time.

Wherever possible, these will be standardized to enable as many suppliers to compete to supply each order.

GAIN will be your main point of contact and will be the intermediary between Intertek (Quality Certification) and the customer.

Supplier enquiries or issues should be sent to GAIN at the following email address: